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DEEPEN YOUR relationship WITH you 

Hi, I'm Ely Cruz

HERE to accompany you in this non-linear, messy, and wonderful process of our aliveness. 


Find a gentle Way 

Join us in the 12 weeks of Ease Community.

Lets's practice effortlessness together. 


Myxtica Rituals is an interdisciplinary approach

to the knowledge of the self.  


It is a fusion of my background in medicine,

my love of nature, meditation, the esoteric

and my studies of the awareness language of

of Human Design. 


The aim is acceptance of the self

through the full realization

of our unique blue print as we move through this world. 

And this is my invitation to join me,

to share in this path of self discovery…

to return to you, because


You are the medicine you seek. 


What People are Saying

“Ely has provided me a safe space to work through trauma, and to know and to love my self more deeply.  I could connect my head to my body to show up whole in all the ways that matter most to me.” — Jana 
Returning to You means…

That you know your self so well, that when you enter a new job, a new partnership, parenthood, a new friendship…. Whatever it may be… you do not get lost in the other.  You are able to find your center, because you have built a map.

- Ely Cruz

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CONNECT  with my work 

Instagram :    @myxtica.rituals 

Spotify Meditations : Myxtica Meditations 

Events in your City : Workshops, Talks and Immersions  

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